Readings From The Consciousness Papers

Watch these video readings from sections in The Consciousness Papers along with some personal author reflection.

Featured here is the reading from Segment 9 titled ‘How Fear Ceases to Be’.

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Segment 8 reading

Segment 8 is titled ‘Be Yourself’.  This is a consideration of what on the surface would seem to be the easiest thing in the world.

Segment 7 reading

Segment 7 is titled ‘The You Beyond Your Body’.  We’re looking into one of the central themes of this book, the higher aspects of ourselves.

Segment 6 reading

Segment 6 is ‘More Than You Imagine’. This meditation explains that the extent to which we are connected to everything far exceeds what the cognitive mind can conceive.

Segment 5 reading

Segment 5 is ‘Begin Applying Allness’. With the idea of ‘all that is’ being so infinite, this segment breaks it down into more practical areas.

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