From the author's mouth

In this video I reveal how my own personal journey led to development of The Consciousness Papers and how this work delivers the life improvements you are seeking.

A Personal Summary

How these books came to be

The wealth of insights I am honored to have compiled in The Consciousness Papers is the result of a lifetime dedicated to meditative practices and connection to higher levels of wisdom... levels of knowing that envelop each and every one of us.

As I state in the introduction of The Consciousness Papers, "...among my greatest life goals is to manifest the improbable. This includes creative or design projects, relationships, or ways of  getting from A to B. And if you ponder how to achieve the improbable for long enough, it also becomes overwhelmingly clear that spirituality or metaphysics has to be part of the plan."

What I most want to drive home is that the process outlined in The Consciousness Papers and likewise reflected in Select Wisdom is about you connecting with your own greatest wisdom and understanding. In turn, you will have the tools to make the most valuable choices and take the most effective action to get where you most desire.

Take a look at the brief video above to delve a bit further into how my life path led to these works and what it can mean for you personally.
- Rob Moore