About The Consciousness Papers

From Day One who you always hoped to be starts to emerge.

The Consciousness Papers is a twice daily meditation. It's about not only what is possible but what is actively becoming a reality merely by dedicating this reading time to yourself each day. 

Written in the language of the higher mind.

The Consciousness Papers is no ordinary book. Derived from beyond the cognitive mind, it connects with the more elevated aspects of yourself.

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From The Consciousness Papers

From The Consciousness Papers

There is a vast amount of valuable information inside The Consciousness Papers.

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Select Wisdom

Sometimes it's a real help to see key ideas presented in a clean and simple way.

The best of everything is here now in the moment which you will actually find inside you.

It's exactly what it sounds like

For all who recognize the value in this approach, Select Wisdom delivers.

Print and Kindle editions now on Amazon:

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How this little book is packed with so much

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